Aural Sex: The Hour of Kali

10 December, midnight (CET)

Late-night radio transmission live on radio kal with Promona Sengupta

RJ Captain Pro holes themselves up in the DMRS Jeetze transmission station on the dark night after the New Moon in Sagittarius, one month after the New Moon of Kali, the goddess of Death. Marking the end of the cycle of the dark goddess in this earthly realm, this transmission takes a deep dive into the realm of ghosts and horror radio programming. Sound waves and the acoustic world become carriers of intense corporeal sensations such as goosebumps and jump-scares. The two unlikely RJs discuss the scope of radio and its subversive shift from being a war machine to a love machine. The original combative urgency and fascist affect of the form are transformed for the listeners, pulling them close inside an aural world, through ghost stories and the intimacies of a body-genre such as horror, and other tools such as ASMR and foley creation.