Spectre in My Seed: Verdant Ghost-colonialisms

Radio Kal

radio kal - Spectre in My Seed

24 November, 2 pm CET

Live radio show with knowbotiq and Promona Sengupta

broadcast from Darkish Matter Radio Studio Jeetze

trans-ancestral pilgrimages

House of KalBerlin

trans-ancestral pilgrimages

27 November, 2 pm CET (online)

a conversation on past and present embodiments of gender nonconformity in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and beyond, on memories of ancestral practices and politics of holding spaces of care

sound into the tension as long as your breath can hold it

Radio Kal

30 November, 14:17 h CET (moon rise in Jeetze) online at radio kal

Knotweed Frequencies #2: radio kal live broadcasts from knowbotiq’s Darkish Matter Radio Studio

Aural Sex: The Hour of Kali

Radio Kal

10 December, midnight (CET)

Late-night radio transmission live on radio kal with Promona Sengupta

Knotweed Frequencies #1-8: Radio Transmissions from the Houses of Kal Karachi, Colombo, Berlin

Radio Kal

6 – 10 December 2021
Everyday from moonrise to moonset

Live Broadcasts from knowbotiq’s Darkish Matter Studio Jeetze
Curated by RJ Promona Sengupta with Aziz Sohail & The Many Headed Hydra

publication launch

Books of Kal Rituals

kal rituals

9 December, 5 pm CET (online)

Lip-Sing for your Art!, A Bilingual Karaoke

House of Kal Berlin

Lip-Sing for your Art!, A Bilingual Karaoke

9 December, 7 pm CET (hybrid & online)

a performance by Fehras Publishing Practice